Climate wars


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Watching the second episode made me stay up until 4 o’clock yesterday but it definitely worths it. BBC Two’s new production [part of the Earth series] on Climate Wars takes a view on the history of [the debate on] climate change and Iain Stewart is an excellent presenter [plus he has a very sexy Scottish accent]. However, my question is: do we run the risk of losing time even by engaging in a discussion with climate change deniers? The show provides the right answers, in a genuinely entertaining way I must say. But shouldn’t we have more discussions about solutions at the moment? Have we fallen into the trap of climate change deniers of “keeping the debate going”? [The favourite catchphrase of creationists too, apparently.] Again, a good show in its own right, must-watch.


Re: the US elections. I’m not possessed by Obamamania, no, and it has been so from the very beginning. But here are the reasons why he should be elected. That and hope for the best. Because the prospects for the future if the Republicans are elected seem grimmer than ever.

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The Raincoats


My just played The Raincoats and I couldn’t but add this brilliant photo.

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– Where are you? What are these weird noises?

– At home. It’s music*, Mum.

– What colour is your hair at the moment?

– …

– Do you drink milk?

– Yes, Mum, you know that corn flakes is the only thing I can bother to cook.

– Meat, you don’t eat enough meat. You should eat meat.

– Mum, I have a spicy chicken burger every 3 days. And after all, according to the UN I shouldn’t!

– What happened with the mouse in the kitchen?

– Yep, still there.

– How do you upload .mp4s on Facebook?

– … [I’m left wordless.]

* Animal Collective