A must-watch. So yeah, it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but it will hopefully help some people out there join the dots. I am going to spam a few of my friends now, with the hope that the next time we meet up they will stop going on about how cheap the plane tickets they’ve just booked with SleazyJet, CrapAir and the like were.

And an excellent very social media-savvy campaign/website, too: The Age of Stupid



Image credits: Fleaheart

I could not resist to post Rem Koolhaas’s tweet (@remkoolhaas):

It’s as if we need the reassurance of Dubai’s demise to restore our own confidence.

And following this, Cameron Sinclair’s comment (@casinclair):

I’m sorry Rem but Dubai’s demise should spell the end of an era of form follows fevered ego. Now is time for an architecture of relevance. As far as Dubai is concerned perhaps it is an opportunity to enact fairer and more humane working practices for those working in the construction industry and to find an architecture of the place not one imposed on it. Zero carbon does not equal zero guilt.

Good times. And to receive this on your live news feed… Good times indeed…

The Unnecessary


Jan Bathel | Alexander

Man has violated nature and we have built a civilization based on power and fear; our scientific discoveries are put to evil and use and savages are more spiritual than we are; we have created a dreadful imbalance between our material and our spiritual development. If sin is that which is unnecessary, our whole civilization is built on sin.

Andrey Tarkovsky, Offret (The Sacrifice), 1986